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NEWS: NFL Approves 17 Game Season

Houston gets one more shot at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

NFL: Super Bowl LV-Roger Goodell Press Conference Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

At today’s league meeting the NFL owners approved the move to a 17 game NFL season.

A sticking point in the latest CBA negotiations for both players and owners, the 17-game season seems to have been a foregone conclusion for well over a year now.

Allegedly, this means the Texans will get one more home game in 2021, bringing the total to 9.

NFL Media

NFL clubs today approved at a virtual league meeting an enhanced season structure that beginning in 2021 will feature each team playing 17 regular-season games and three preseason games for the first time.

The NFL-NFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement signed in March of 2020 enables the league, with the approval of the union and its players, to enhance the regular season with a move to 17 games, providing fans an extra week of regular-season NFL action.

That decision was confirmed today, marking the first change to the season structure since the 1978 campaign ushered in an era of 16 regular-season and four preseason games. It follows the March 18 announcement of long-term media distribution agreements providing fans greater access to NFL games than ever before.

“This is a monumental moment in NFL history,” said NFL Commissioner ROGER GOODELL. “The CBA with the players and the recently completed media agreements provide the foundation for us to enhance the quality of the NFL experience for our fans. And one of the benefits of each team playing 17 regular-season games is the ability for us to continue to grow our game around the world.”

The 17th game will feature teams from opposing conferences that finished in the same place within their division the previous season. The AFC was determined to be the home conference for the 17th game in 2021.

This appears to mean the Texans will host the Carolina Panthers in the 17th game, however the NFL has yet to release the official 2021 schedule.

Previous rumors had the NFL preseason diminishing to either 2 or 3 games from the current 4 game schedule. Expect an official announcement on that soon.

Could the Panthers @ Texans in game 17 showcase the first time Deshaun Watson returns to NRG stadium after a blockbuster trade? That, also, remains to be seen...