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Go Buy Bitcoin

Nick Caserio opens up during the Texans pre-draft interview.

New England Patriots 2009 Headshots

If you have ever read a finance book or picked up a business degree—because business; you have to work somewhere someday—you know some basic foundations of investment. You know that the U.S. equity market offers the greatest amount of return and is the best place to invest, that your money loses value in a savings account because of deflation, that consistent investing is the most important strategy to increasing wealth, the importance of diversification, how to establish a sound investment strategy that meets your goals, and of course, that you should not speculate, Unvest instead.

Nick Caserio has other ideas for your portfolio. Speculation and getting involved in hypotheticals is not worth getting into regarding Deshaun Watson, but it could be a good idea for your wallet.

Don’t speculate in bitcoin. Buy bitcoin if you think it meets the requirements of currency (it does; it offers an alternative to the gold standard most nations abandoned in order to enact the federal reserve, or their version of it, to act as a lender as a last resort, which ended up creating a wide series of issues),. If you are going to speculate, speculate about sports, something that happens on a television screen and has no tangible actual effects on your life whatsoever. Sure, it increases utility, or if you are a Texans fan, hurts your feelings and makes you wonder why you even get up in the morning, but these are fuzzy and vague things, not actual things.

Caserio also had the following to say about his quarterback:

Caserio talked about a few other things aside from Deshaun Watson, which really just means he was indirectly talking about Deshaun Watson.

The 2021 NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 29th with the first round, carries into Friday, April 30th with the second and third rounds, and finishes up on Saturday, May 1st.