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2021 NFL Draft: Your Favorite Mid-Round Draft Prospects

Who do you have your eyes on?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 26 Quick Lane Bowl - Pitt v Eastern Michigan Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Each day is another inch closer to the crypt. Because of this, I can’t watch college football. I didn’t go to any of these crappy schools. The marching band halftime shows add another thirty minutes to the game. The clock stops every first down, every time someone scampers out of bounds, and on every incompletion. No one ever establishes the run. All of it coagulates into four hour games. I can’t do it. There are singing birds and a life to love. Plus, I have fifteen condensed NFL games to watch every week.

As a result, when the NFL Draft approaches, I don’t know where to begin. With free agency dwindling down to a muffled cry, the NFL Draft takes center stage once the calendar hits the month of April. Usually it’s easy to look at the Houston Texans, see the holes on the roster, have some idea of which position they will draft, and go from there. This year is different. Because this year, every position is an open door. Without a first or second round pick (thank you, Laremy Tunsil), what was already difficult to nail down is now impossible.

The Texans currently have the following selections in the 2021 NFL Draft: Round 3 (No. 67), Round 4 (No. 109), Round 5 (No. 158) Round 6 (No. 195, No. 203, No. 212), and Round 7 (No. 233).

Because of the multiple needs and draft selections, a wide net needs to be cast to find the uncut gems in this draft. Who are the players the Texans would look to target? Because of my ignorance, I need your help. Who are your favorite mid-round draft prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft? Who should I watch? Who would you like for Battle Red Blog to write about? I’m making a list.

Please give me what you got in the comment section below.