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Nike, Beats, and Reliant Energy Suspend Endorsement Deals With Deshaun Watson

Just don’t do it.

BET’s Super Bowl Of Gospel 2021 Photo by BET Super Bowl Gospel/Getty Images

After Deshaun Watson announced he wanted to be traded by the Houston Texans, allegations of sexual misconduct by the quarterback with massage therapists surfaced. One lawsuit eventually became 22 total cases with 22 different plaintiffs.

Yesterday, two women came forward to identify themselves as parties in the lawsuits against Watson. They went into detail of their experience working for him and the damage he has done to them. As of right now, the cases remain civil suits; concurrently, the Houston Police Department is also investigating after two criminal complaints were filed. The NFL is doing its own investigation. Watson has not been punished or suspended, but this story will continue for the foreseeable future.

This morning, Nike announced it would suspend its endorsement deal with Deshaun Watson. This decision apparently occurred after yesterday’s press conference.

Nike’s official statement is as follows:

Now that two of the victims have publicly shared their side of the story, putting faces and names to the allegations, expect other companies to follow Nike’s lead.

UPDATE: Beats by Dre has ended their relationship with Deshaun Watson.

UPDATE II: Reliant Energy will not extend its relationship with Deshaun Watson when their deal expires.