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2021 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

Nick Caserio is foaming to add more competition.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS VS HOUSTON TEXANS Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

You know the story. Once upon a time the Houston Texans signed a running back from Tennessee. This running back would make the team through the practice squad, and eventually worked his way to the roster. To end the 2009 season he had 39 carries for 216 yards and 3 touchdowns, and started the final game of the season in Houston’s first win against the New England Patriots. The following year he was the team’s primary running back, and a full blown super star.

Arian Foster is the poster every undrafted free agent’s closet. He’s the grand narrative, the beautiful story, the all-time ideal, whenever those who are spurned and upset, aspire to once they receive their phone call and find a team to sign with. Seldomly does anyone have a career like Foster, and even rarer is an undrafted player who even becomes a starter, let alone becomes a Pro Bowl player, and one of the most beloved players in a franchise’s history.

Now that the 2021 NFL Draft has concluded, teams will try to find uncut gems, and sort through the leftovers, pick through the fleamarket to find new competition for their roster. We’ll update the tracker throughout the day as the Texans add new players to their roster.

NOTE: All these players are thought to be signing with the Texans, but nothing is official until confirmed by the organization.


Texas A&M C Ryan McCollum

Texas A&M OT Carson Green

UCF WR Marlon Williams

Missouri WR Damon Hazelton