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Unknown NFL Sources Love Brevin Jordan


Miami v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Nick Caserio tried his best, darling. Despite not having a first or second round pick, he did everything he could to inject talent into the Texans’ roster. He selected, um, a quarterback, traded up to find a gargantuan wide receiver the Texans don’t currently feature on the roster, a Will linebacker, an underweight run stopping nose tackle, and tight end Brevin Jordan, who is a yards after the catch demon.

Jeremy Fowler with ESPN picked up the phone and called scouts and executives to come away with intel about each team after the conclusion of the 2021 NFL Draft. The unknown sources, the men behind the curtain, loved the Jordan pick.

Fifth-round tight end Brevin Jordan has big upside. I talked to several scouts who were surprised he slipped into Day 3, though they also understood why. His tape was inconsistent, and some questioned his dependability when things get tough.

“But if he matures out of that, he can be a big-time player,” an NFC scout said. “The talent is there.”

Jordan was the nation’s only tight end with 300-plus yards after contact last season, according to PFF data.

These same men were a little over the place with Davis Mills. There’s a layer of uncertainty after how Mills’ college career went, but he’s just the type of guy that the league can’t quit.

Third-round quarterback Davis Mills is a fascinating experiment for new general manager Nick Caserio, who appears to be slowly moving on from Deshaun Watson. Teams were torn on Mills. Some loved his demeanor, while others were scared to death of the medical red flags after multiple knee surgeries in college. But I heard “I love that kid” a few times from scouts, so maybe Caserio has the makings of something big.

After the draft grades gave Houston terrible marks time and time again, it’s refreshing to see something nice about the local business operation. Tell your mother you love her. Play that Brevin Jordan highlight tape.