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2021 Houston Texans Schedule Announced

Pack your bags. Buy your tickets. Mark your calendar.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 NFL Season has morphed from some invisible future into a tangible reality today. The schedule has been announced. Your Houston Texans have the following schedule:

Week One: Jacksonville v. Houston

Week Two: Houston v. Cleveland

Week Three: (TNF) Carolina v. Houston

Week Four: Houston v. Buffalo

Week Five: New England v. Houston

Week Six: Houston v. Indianapolis

Week Seven: Houston v. Arizona

Week Eight: Los Angeles (R) v. Houston

Week Nine: Houston v. Miami

Week Ten: BYE

Week Eleven: Houston v. Tennessee

Week Twelve: New York (J) v. Houston

Week Thirteen: Indianapolis v. Houston

Week Fourteen: Seattle v. Houston

Week Fifteen: Houston v. Jacksonville

Week Sixteen: Los Angeles (C) v. Houston

Week Seventeen: Houston v. San Francisco

Week Eighteen: Tennessee v. Houston

Now you know who is playing when and where. You can buy your game tickets, pick out your airfare, and make your plans to get out of town. Football is real and it will be here soon. We’re just a quick turn of the summer away.