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Houston Texans Release Ryan Finley Two Months After Trading For Him


Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Nick Caserio made multitudinous strange moves this offseason. One of which was when he moved down from Pick #200 in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft to Pick #231 in the seventh round to acquire quarterback Ryan Finley from the Cincinnati Bengals. The Texans already had Tyrod Taylor on the depth chart. Finley, who has never shown any sort of promise, wasn’t worth giving up any kind of asset to acquire.

It gets stranger. The Texans then doubled down at the quarterback position. They used a third round selection on Davis Mills, and they recently signed Jeff Driskel, another quarterback who hasn’t shown any sort of promise. Caserio had five quarterbacks on the roster including Deshaun Watson.

Jeff Driskel is a 28 year old backup quarterback with a career record of 1-8 who had such a disastrous run as the Lions’ quarterback in 2019 that the Lions decided to pay Chase Daniel $4.5 million to ensure Driskel would never see the field again. Driskel saw the field once in Denver in 2020. The Broncos weren’t so lucky.

Today, the Texans released Ryan Finley, presumably to keep Driskel on the roster to compete for, I don’t know, a practice squad spot? In the end, the Texans made a silly trade with the Bengals that netted them absolutely nothing after two months.

Nick Caserio is a Costco employee offering saltine samples, back in the good old days when Costco offered samples. It was a dumb trade then, and it’s a dumber trade now.

Get ready for the Driskell, Mills, Taylor quarterback competition. I have no idea how we got here.