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Report: Deshaun Watson Will Skip OTAs

It’s still a no.

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

We haven’t heard from or seen anything directly from Deshaun Watson since his hastily typed note was posted defending himself against the oncoming sexual assault allegations that he’s still facing. That changed last week. We saw him post videos on Instagram where he was wearing sewn off gray sweats and running through drills like every athlete this time of the year. Deshaun has reemerged.

His desire to never play for the Texans hasn’t wavered. Watson is still going to sit out of OTAs and he’s remaining true to his trade demand.

Nothing has changed. Watson wants out. The Texans don’t have anything to say about Watson’s current situation, except that they believe in the legal process. It’s the same thing we’ve known, just repeating itself. The compact disk is scratched.

That being said, there shouldn’t be a world where Watson plays football this year. Houston decided to hold onto him instead of trading him before the draft. He should stay on Houston’s roster until the 2021 season concludes so the Texans know what the draft picks acquired would actually be worth when they trade him.

Nick Caserio has to nail the Watson trade. The package the Texans receive has to springboard the next good Texans team. If not, we’re going to be missing the days of 27 linebacker offseasons for a long while. At least then, there was some sort of hope things could be better.

In the meantime, Watson still asked for a trade, he still wants to be traded, and he should not be traded until next offseason.