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2021 NFL Draft: Watch Nick Caserio’s Post Draft Press Conference

Hear it from Caserio himself.

Cowboys v Texans Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The 2021 NFL Draft came to a conclusion yesterday. The Texans added quarterback Davis Mills, wide receiver Nico Collins, tight end Brevin Jordan, linebacker Garrett Wallow, and defensive lineman Roy Lopez. Nick Caserio has concluded his first draft as a NFL general manager, and after the conclusion of the draft, Nick Caserio recapped the Texans selections with the media.

In his press conference, Caserio discussed the decisions to trade up and select Nico Collins, Brevin Jordan, and Garrett Wallow, a cost benefit analysis of the roster, the quality of the draft at the defensive side compared to the offensive side of the ball, supply and demand, a summary of Houston’s day three picks, and inside information on the Texans draft process.

If you don’t want to watch the entire press conference, Rivers McCown has specific clips for you. In the first, Caserio discusses his undrafted free agency strategy to target only specific players instead casting a wide net, and the Texans day three draft picks.

With the conclusion of the draft, and Caserio’s press conference, I feel pretty indifferent about this offseason, and the draft as well. It’s a gap year for the Texans as they exist in the Deshaun Watson limbo. Until he’s traded next season, and now that the Texans have finally paid their dues for Laremy Tunsil, they were stuck from a resource perspective. This just feels like a lost season until the rebuild can actually begin next year. I hope you feel differently, I hope you feel better.