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Saturday Night Tunes: 2021 Juneteenth Edition (Part I)

Celebration and music!


Juneteenth is next weekend, so I thought it would be fun to do a two week series on some great black musicians. I’m on the road to visit family (get your vaccine!), so I’ll talk more about Juneteenth when I have a bit more time.

That said, let’s get to it!


Yet another Austinite, Mobley recently released his latest album, “Young and Dying in the Occident Supreme.” It’s an outstanding album from top to bottom, and it’s the first vinyl I have bought since the 1970s. Literally. This might be my favorite song from the album, “James Crow.”

Aida Victoria

In a major change, not an Austinite! Aida Victoria was born in Spartanburg, SC. She’s yet another artist with whom I fell in love with the voice first and the music second.

Third Root

Third Root is a super group of sorts composed of Texans Easy Lee, Mexican StepGrandfather, and DJ Chicken George. Here’s Third Root with the amazing Austin band Grupo Fantasma (my new lifelong dream is to play the trumpet [which I can play!] with Third Root).

Sorry for the super quick hitter tonight. What y’all listening to?