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Could Deshaun Watson’s Future Be Decided Before Training Camp?

That is, unless David Culley cancels training camp, too.

Houston Texans Rookie Camp Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Amongst rumors that Deshaun Watson wants to play for the Denver Broncos and other less substantial rumors that a settlement between Watson and his accusers is in the works, Nick Caserio uncharacteristically showed Houston’s hand in a recent media session. Per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, John McClain dug deep enough in a radio interview on Sports Radio 610 to unearth a newsworthy nugget.

Nick Caserio:

We’re taking it one day at a time and really control the things we can control. The players have been focused on their attitude and their approach in the building, and they’ve handled everything very well. I don’t have any additional comments about anything. I think we’re respectful of what’s happening, respectful of the process and everybody that’s involved. The most important thing is for all of us, the coaches and players and myself included, is to focus on the things we can control. As we get more information, as we get closer to training camp, we’ll try to make the best decision for the Houston Texans, whatever that entails.

The lack of public posturing by both sides in the 22 lawsuits filed against Watson earlier this year could be construed as a calm on the surface over intense settlement negotiations. If that’s true, and a settlement is imminent and the NFL doesn’t drop a heavy hammer on Watson, his trade market could rise from the ashes. If that happens, expect things to heat up quickly if Houston backs off their ‘We won’t trade Deshaun’ stance.

Possible suitors still include the pre-lawsuit teams: Broncos, Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, Washington Football Team, San Francisco 49ers and the dark horse in all this, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Say what you will about any of these teams’ current quarterback situations; Watson is a mad upgrade for all of them.

If a trade does suddenly materialize, hopefully Houston gets a Bill Belichick-like return on Watson instead of a Bill O’Brien one.