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2021 NFL Free Agency: Texans Sign Long Snapper Mitchell Fraboni

It’s Jon Weeks vs. The World.

Doesn’t look quite like a long snapper?

On Monday, the Houston Texans stabbed Jon Weeks in the back once again (just kidding, sorta).

Fraboni spent his collegiate career with the Arizona State Sun Devils from 2015 to 2017. In that span, Fraboni contributed a few tackles on special teams and was the team’s long snapper. He went undrafted and just landed his first NFL gig after performing at a Kohl’s Kicking Camp combine in 2020.

Now, there might be some that are taking severe offense to the signing of Fraboni as a slight towards team stalwart Jon Weeks. Don’t be ridiculous.

This team under GM Nick Caserio’s watch is harking the idea of competition at all positions, so of course this would happen. Heck, it’s not even the first time, as the team signed Anthony Kukwa last year! However, I’d be willing to bet that Ol’ Jon will still suit up for the Texans this season. It’s not like we’ve seen a young, undrafted rookie take out a long time legacy player before, right?