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Madden 2022 Cover Athletes Announced

The past and future conjoin into the present.

Super Bowl LV Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The last time we saw Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady together they were shaking hands following Tampa Bay’s route of Kansas City in the Super Bowl. Mahomes’s pass protection, and receivers let him down, as he tried to create big plays in a never ending downpour of misery. Brady won his seventh Super Bowl, and will try to make it eight, as Mahomes tries to get back to where Kansas City faltered last year.

Mahomes and Brady are back together again, this time on the cover of the newest version of Madden. Each one sitting, like a rap album cover, together, grimacing into the camera.

If you are an optimistic soul, who thinks the Texans will be decent this year, Madden will offer you a simulation to make your joyful expectations a reality, since you know, the Texans are going to be bad this year. You can run Tim Kelly’s offense with Tyrod Taylor, and drop Zach Cunningham into coverage in Lovie Smith’s new scheme. Wow, what fun you can have.

The newest version of Madden will be out August 20th. Until then, you’ll have to wait to get mad about buying the same game every year.