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Which 2021 Texans Game Are You Most Excited For?

Two more months.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The Houston Texans will start playing football that counts again in two months, and our local nightmare will ensue anew. Tyrod Taylor, David Johnson, Phillip Lindsay, Mark Ingram, and Rex Burkhead will combine for 53 carries for 217 yards. The defense will give up 29 points a game. The Texans will be bad, probably just as bad as we are currently envisioning here in June.

Yet that’s no reason to hate what will happen in the moment. There are numerous things to be excited about. Tytus Howard beating Marcus Cannon out at right tackle, Vernon Hargreaves III making a single start on the outside instead of sixteen, Lonnie Johnson Jr. playing safety from the get-go, what Nico Collins can do in the red zone, Charles Omenhiu and Ross Blacklock’s possible leap, and so on.

These things are all specific to the Houston Texans, though. The Texans have to play against other teams; that’s kind of how it works. This season, we get to see Trevor Lawrence’s first start, another Jadeveon Clowney revenge game, a J.J. Watt/DeAndre Hopkins revenge game, Josh Allen showing just how good God is, Tu’a and Will Fuller and Benardrick McKinney, another 200 yard Derrick Henry contest, Carson Wentz fumbles, and Justin Herbert’s sherbet.

Personally, the game I’m most excited for is Week 18 at home against the Tennessee Titans. The Texans will be 3-13 or something even worse. NRG Stadium will be a ghost town. It will be quieter than a mausoleum. Derrick Henry will stampede through the defense. Houston won’t have an answer for Julio Jones and A.J. Brown. Maybe we will see Davis Mills by then. It’s also going to be the first Texans game I’ve attended in more than a decade; the last one was back against Jacksonville in 2009 when Chris Brown, who was paid to be the red zone back, fumbled into the end zone and the ball was recovered by Jacksonville.

So, now I turn to you, loyal reader. Which 2021 Texans game are you most excited about?