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Former Texans President Jamey Rootes Joins Houston Dynamo

From chaos to stability.

SOCCER: FEB 29 MLS - Houston Dynamo v LA Galaxy Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There have been numerous people associated with the Houston Texans who no longer are anymore since Jack Easterby’s reign of terror began. From the players we loved, to the competent front office executives, to even those in the business and the P.R. side of it, many have left the chaos for Houston for other spots in the NFL or the sporting world at large.

One of those who fled is (former) Texans president Jamey Roots. Rootes had one of the easiest jobs in the world. He made the McNairs and their investors money by running the business side of the Houston Texans. Selling football in Texas is like selling umbrellas in a rain storm, steaks in a strip club, or, I don’t know, juice boxes at a Marvel movie. It’s easy. Texans love football, and the Texans play football.

Rootes resigned from the organization earlier this year. He has now taken on a more difficult task—running the business operations for the Houston Dynamo. He will be their Chief Executive Officer.

Soccer is a an un-American game, a game for the rest of the world, a game for communists, a game for feet, a game devoid of violence. It’s a game we all play as children. It’s a cute novelty every four years. It’s something that catches your eye on an early Saturday morning gym trip for five minutes (spoiler: no one is going to score). It’s a fun video game to play, but it is not our game. It is the world’s game.

Rootes will have a much more difficult job trying to sell soccer in Texas than he did selling football in Texas. We here at Battle Red Blog wish him the best of luck.