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PFF Ranks 32 Best Outside Cornerbacks In NFL

Bradley Roby, come on down.

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Houston Texans v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Last year disaster made numerous friends throughout the NFL season. Two of its best friends were Will Fuller V and Bradley Roby. Both players were hit with a performance-enhancing drug suspension for taking the same thing. Each was suspended for six games, missing five in a lost season, and then a hangnail to start off Week One of the 2021 season. Fuller is gone. Roby is still here and will miss Trevor Lawrence’s debut.

Roby is far and away the Texans’ best cornerback and has been for the last three seasons, including this upcoming one. But you want Roby to be your third best cornerback, not your best one. Unfortunately, the Texans know that all too well now. He’s pretty good, not great, and Pro Football Focus recently ranked him as the 24th best cornerback in football:

24. Bradley Roby, Houston Texans

The Texans don’t have many players on their roster who they can rely on for steady play, but Roby is one of the few, assuming he doesn’t receive another six-game suspension in 2021. He ranks in the 80th percentile of qualifying cornerbacks in forced incompletion rate and the 70th percentile in coverage grade while in single coverage since entering the league in 2014. His 71.5 overall grade in 2020 was his highest single-season mark since back in 2017 with the Broncos.

There you have it. Bradley Roby is Houston’s best cornerback. He’s ranked 24th in the league—don’t question the grades. He is pretty good, which makes him much, much better at his job than most of the guys on the Texans’ current roster..