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The Texans Madden 2022 Homefield Advantage is Something

EA SPORTS it’s the same game.

Houston Texans vs Buffalo Bills, 2020 AFC Wild Card Playoffs Set Number: X163119 TK1

I personally haven’t played Madden since the 2011 iteration. My good friend Taylor and I would play online with the Tennessee Titans. I would play defense, he would play offense, and I’d pick off passes with Will Witherspoon, and he’d zoom around players stuck in the mud with Chris Johnson. We flirted around .500. Now I have too many things to do to play the old video game machine.

From what I’ve been told, that year’s version is the same as every other version of the game, it, itself, stuck, a fish fat from the monopoly it has because of its partnership with the NFL. Yet because of nostalgia, because of the time spent in the past, I always consider it, that, yes, this maybe the year I play this dumb game again.

In order to try to sway people like me, and keep those who are latched onto the tit still sucking, Madden is introducing homefield advantage and momentum, something they already had back with like NCAA 2005, you know, the one with Reggie Bush on the cover. The Texans homefield advantage limits the amount of momentum opposing teams gain whenever they score a touchdown. Absolutely hilarious.

The Texans are going to give a up a lot of touchdowns this year. David Culley needs all the help he can get, and thankfully, the polygon version of him, has some sticks to impede the torrential flow unleashed by opposing offenses come virtual Sunday. Even if Lovie Smith can’t stop the momentum, you, the one in the bullpen can.