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One Final Texans Offseason Move

We already know the answer.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

As our souls beat ceaselessly into the future, closer and closer to another NFL season, our present bodies, minds, and souls are stuck in the dead zone of the NFL calendar. The water is too hot, the algae too rampant. Nothing can grow around here.

As the Texans enter the last stretch of a brutal offseason, Field Yates with ESPN had one final move for each team before the NFL offseason ends. This is what he had to say about the Texans:

Houston Texans

Figure out who will play right tackle.

The Texans have been incredibly active under new GM Nick Caserio, including making a trade for former Patriots standout lineman Marcus Cannon. He’s at his best at right tackle, a position currently manned by Tytus Howard, a first-round pick back in 2019. Having two good players at the same position on the offensive line isn’t a bad thing, but it takes time to sort out.

Honestly, we know the answer to this. PLAY TYTUS HOWARD AT RIGHT TACKLE. It’s extremely simple. Play the promising young player on a bad team over the veteran who missed all of last season. You know, the veteran whose pass protection is going to suffer when blocking for a quarterback who isn’t the greatest quarterback of all time.

What Houston should be focusing on is studying younger players who may get the boot this training camp. they need young talent. Every summer, young talented players get released for a wide list of issues. Houston should work to target those they can bring in easily to create more meaningful competition and hopefully find a few glints of glowing light in the process.