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Houston Texans Open Training Camp On Sunday

Rookies report Sunday, veterans on Tuesday.

Houston Texans Tony Boselli... Set Number: X65704 TK1 R16 F9

The Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, New England Patriots, New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers open their 2021 training camps today for their rookies. Your David Culley led Houston Texans have to wait until Sunday before their rookies are set to arrive. Veterans across the league join the rooks on Tuesday, July 27th.

The following Saturday, July 31st, the NFL is launching a leaguewide promotional day called Training Camp: Back Together Saturday Fueled By Gatorade featuring 13 hours of camp coverage by the NFL Network. All camps are scheduled to have fans in attendance, although the Texans have opted to thumb their noses at fans who can’t afford season tickets or have opted to not renew said tickets.

All this culminates with the NFL’s annual Hall of Fame game held every year in Canton, Ohio, home of the NFL’s Hall of Fame. This year, the Dallas Cowboys host the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 2021 NFL preseason starts in full the following Thursday, August 12th.

While this heralds the return to live football, it also spotlights the ticking clock on Deshaun Watson and his potential placement on the Commissioner’s Exempt List. Many expect Watson to hit that list prior to training camp opening unless a settlement occurs beforehand. With the opposing attorney firing a cheap shot at Watson via Instagram recently, it certainly doesn’t seem like that mess is reaching a resolution any time soon.

Since most Houston Texans fans aren’t wanted at training camp, that leaves us all heavily reliant on the in-house, openly-biased reporting from the organization’s PR team and the local radio, TV, and newspaper personalities. The contrast between the Texans’ hype machine and folks like Sports Radio 610’s Seth Payne should be intriguing in and of itself.

Either way, training camp is nearly here. The 2021 Houston Texans are about to take the field.