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Does Deshaun Watson Play Another Snap with the Houston Texans?

Watson is expected to return to camp, what does that mean for the Texans?

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

It was reported last weekend that Deshaun Watson would report to training camp along with his contemporaries, Jake Driskel, Tyrod Taylor, and Davis Mills. By reporting to camp Watson will negate being fined 50K for every day he doesn’t show up.

His return was surprising for most of us. The preconceived notion was that Watson would do as he said, ignore the Texans, not report to camp, remain idle at his home and throwing footballs to dummies in his free time until next season when the Texans could trade him. It’s important to remember the Texans shouldn’t trade Watson until the following season once they know what the draft capital they receive would be worth. His return throws a hitch in the narrative. Will Watson practice? Will he pull a Jalen Ramsey and fake injuries and sit out the season? Will he eventually play another snap for an employer he hates and doesn’t trust? Will he be suspended this season, making all this moot?

Something that was complicated, that became even more complicated following the sexual assault allegations, became fairly simple, and is now complicated again.

So, now I turn to you loyal reader, do you think Watson plays another snap with the Houston Texans again?


Does Deshaun Watson Play Another Snap with the Houston Texans?

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