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Saturday Night Tunes: 7/3/2021 Edition

Music without pants!

Charley Crockett In Concert - Cedar Park, TX
Charley Crockett In Concert - Cedar Park, TX
Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images

Sorry about last week, but I was under a sucky deadline that sucked. But, we’re back with a vengeance this week! And by vengeance, I mean with more music.

Charley Crockett

Y’all know I love me some Texas talent, and here’s some more with San Benito native Charley Crockett. A two-time felon (seriously), you can feel the soul in this video, “Welcome to Hard Times.” If you like what you hear, Crockett’s latest album, 10 for Slim: Charley Crockett Sings James Hand, is also wonderful. That voice, too.

Sturgill Simpson

Another guy who hasn’t had the cushiest of lives, the Kentucky born Sturgill Simpson has long been one of my favorite and most diverse musicians.

Nominally a country singer, he said screw it and released Sound & Fury in 2019, which he calls a “sleazy, steamy rock’n’roll record.” I freaking love this album. I mean, dude went from country to gnarly rock with anime videos? How can you not love that? So, you get a two-fer with Simpson. Here’s “Sing Along” from Sound & Fury:

“Well, I know you know that you’re killing me, But it’s worth it just to see you smile” <- That’s one heckuva lyric right there. It’s like I once saw on a comment on Sturgill Simpson: when I listen to him, so do my neighbors.

Alas, part of his fan base didn’t like his new sound, so, once again, he said screw it and decided to re-write previous songs in bluegrass from his Cuttin’ Grass release. Here’s “I Don’t Mind:”

Will Courtney

When the pandemic set in, I can assure you that the musician I listened to the most at the time was Will Courtney. Yet another local, Courtney is an amazing singer/song writer who, it seems, really gets me. Will’s “Too High Now” from Crazy Love (this is one of those albums where every song is a keeper):

What are y’all listening to these days?