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Saturday Night Tunes: 7/31/2021 Edition

Another pants free edition and powered by hwisky and parental angst.

Wet Leg

I missed last week due to a plethora of deadlines, but we’re back with the tunes this week!

Wet Leg

Like bands with a limited number of releases and their best song is one giant double entendre? Do I ever have the band for you! Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers form the Isle of Wight duo Wet Leg, and here’s their slapping song and super fun video “Chaise Longue.”

Bright Light Social Hour

I gotta get us back to Austin, right? Local, long-time standout Bright Light Social Hour deserves some love. Founded while most of the band was at Southwestern University, they’ve been part of the Austin music scene since the mid-2000s. Here’s their psychedelic hit “Guillotine Billionaires” along with “Responsibility.”

Chicano Batman

One of my all-time favorite band names, Chicano Batman was formed in Los Angeles. Here’s their kinda psychedelic/funk/indie “Color My Life.”

What have y’all been listening to lately?

Consider this your Saturday Night Open Thread with all normal rules applying. Definitely don’t talk about #QB2LastNames.