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David Culley Surprised To Learn Rookies Benefit From Preseason Games

Surely, he won’t learn the same lesson about mini camp?

Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans

Love him or hate him, David Culley is the coach of the Houston Texans until such a time as his lame duck reign ends. So get used to it. Culley recently had a discussion with Mark Vandermeer and John Harris to discuss Texans football and what a rookie head coach expects. Apparently, last year taught him that rookies need game time to develop. Mind = blown.

David Culley:

As a rookie, I found out last year, no preseason games, the rookies that I thought was ready weren’t quite as ready simply because the speed of the game just hit them like that. I saw some rookies that were a little more hesitant than you expected because of not having those preseason games, and that’s why right now having the three preseason games, that is invaluable for new players, especially rookies, to get out on the field.

Just to quickly fact check, this IS the same David Culley who said, “Our attendance has been great for us here. We’ve accomplished what we wanted to accomplish” in response to cancelling mini-camp, which is primarily a tool to train up rookies... and provide... competition!

Here’s the rest of the interview for your Tuesday viewing pleasure:

This conjures all sorts of bad visions, like postgame pressers with statements like, “I didn’t know we could go for it on 4th down in the red zone.” Not to be confused with the similar, “We didn’t have a play ready for 4th and short...”

Thankfully, Houston still has a reigning champion professional football team, but getting them back on the field can’t happen fast enough. Even if they had to abandon their logo due to NFL bullying...we can thank the legacy of Bud Adams for that.