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The Texan On The Biggest Roster Bubble

Multiple running backs could push a prized free agent out.

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Despite a poor 2020 season, the Texans decided to keep David Johnson instead of doing the right thing and outright releasing him. Not only that, they kept Buddy Howell and Dontrelle Hilliard around. They then added Mark Ingram, Phillip Lindsay, and Rex Burkhead in free agency. Pour one out for #ScottiePhillipsSeason. In a league where the running back position is fluid and expendable, the Texans swerved. They invested cap space and held onto their underperforming players at this position.

Houston’s running back room is crowded with veterans. Even if they attempt to run the ball 40 times a game, they don’t have enough carries for seven running backs, let alone four. Houston’s plan to break the pool cue and toss the shards in the name of competition has oozed into the running back room. A few of these players will be the odd men out once cuts are made this summer.

ESPN picked one veteran player on every team who is on the roster bubble and could be cut this summer. Sarah Barshop selected Mark Ingram for your Houston Texans:

Why he could get cut: The Texans’ running back group is deep right now, and it seems unlikely that there’s room for Ingram, David Johnson, Phillip Lindsay and the newly signed Rex Burkhead on the final 53-man roster. Given that the Texans restructured Johnson’s contract in March and doubled his guaranteed money, he will probably make the team. Ingram, who signed a one-year deal in March, could be the odd man out. — Sarah Barshop

At age 32 and coming off the worst season of his career, it was surprising that Houston signed Ingram as early as they did in the free agent process. The one-year deal screams “COMPETITION.” Ingram could have some value as a short yardage back, but with holes across the roster, keeping a short yardage back seems like a novelty and a poor use of a roster spot.

Ingram is a fine answer to ESPN’s question, and he has a competition to win if he wants to make Houston’s roster this season.