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2021 Houston Texans Projections: The Tight Ends


Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Last season the Texans tight ends were ineffective. Jordan Akins didn’t make the jump most were expecting from him—he had just about the exact same season he had in 2019. Darren Fells’s touchdown catches dropped, a surprise to absolutely no one who knows how these things work. Warring was my own personal make a wish request, and finally had his first NFL receptions. Really, the only real bright spot was Pharoah Brown, who immediately became the best blocking tight end in franchise history, and had some brutal moments after the catch.

This season the Texans added competition to the roster. They traded a late round pick for Anthony Izzo, because, ummm....reasons? Izzo was probably going to be released, can’t catch the easy ones, and is a terrible blocker. They signed the unknown Auclair. They drafted Brevin Jordan, a player with an atypical body for the position but is a demon after the catch. Released Fells, who signed with Detroit. And are giving the rest of the roster mainstays another chance to compete.

In previous parts we looked at Football Outsiders’ KUBIAK system that projected the Texans’ quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers. You can purchase the KUBIAK projections, and the Football Outsiders Almanac once it is published here. These are the projections for Houston’s tight ends.

2021 Houston Texans Tight End Projections

Player Receptions Receiving Yards Receiving Touchdowns Receiving DVOA
Player Receptions Receiving Yards Receiving Touchdowns Receiving DVOA
Ryan Izzo 2 31 0.2 0.3%
Antony Auclair 2 22 0.2 -3.5%
Jordan Akins 33 359 2.2 -8.2%
Kahale Warring 3 32 0.2 -2.2%
Pharoah Brown 2 23 0.2 -1.9%

There isn’t much to say here. It’s all Jordan Akins and no one else. KUBIAK is expected Akins to win the training camp battle and receive just about all of the targets. Sure, others exist, with Brown, Auclair, and Izzo joining the party, and Warring leading the bunch with three receptions—#KahaleWarringSZN—but none is expected to be a real offensive impact. Compete, COMPETE, COMPETE, it’s the name of the game for the tight end group.