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Houston Texans Podcast: 2021 NFL Season Preview—The NFC East

Take your meds, because the 2021 NFL Season Preview continues with the NFC East.

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The NFC East is an insane asylum. What is expected never occurs. Destroyed by their own derangements. A crazy salt loving old man who hires only boobs as his head coach keeping his own ego perfect and pristine. A depressing smatter of black and dark green, who will forever hang on to a hooved footed run from five years ago, tortured by in house fighting, and attempts another try at starting anew. Binders, and binders, and binders, set for immolation by an offensive coordinator who will never split the cells needed for creation. A quarterback away, a quarterback away, a quarterback away. Madhouses and lithium. Tiny paper cups and cable television. Always coming down to week 17. Clean concrete reality is rusted twisted metal.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and his good friend Taylor preview the NFC East. Topics include: Mike McCarthy trying to find his mojo, if Dak Prescott has turned his ankle around, New York staying true to their vertical passing plans, Daniel Jones’s last thread, ayyyyymeatballmeatballgabbagoolitsfugginnicksirriani, time carving out Philadelphia’s trenches, comparisons between the 2019 Buccaneers and the 2021 Football Team, and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s struggles when he enters the season as THE guy.

Let’s start the show.

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