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Houston Texans Podcast: A Night in August

A season preview evolves into madness.

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We came here to complete a well thought out, long form, never ending season preview that would teeter between rational thinking and absurdity. Instead it was all absurdity. TIM, Rivers McCown, L4Blitzer (Scott), Uprooted Texan, and call in guests Eddie Hassan, and Smoothgrandmaa all joined in to talk about the 2021 Texans season, and the franchise in general. It’s a sick and twisted thing we are all wrapped up in.

Topics include: our football feeling, kicking the absolute hell out of the Texans pup, the hole in Houston’s cover two defense, Nick Caserio’s job done so far, Rivers’s favorite twitter replies, Lone Star Lites, a Kahale Warring bet, getting excited for rooting against Bill O’Brien, and the 2019 offensive line draft class.

Let’s start the show.

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