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Areas Where The Texans Are Among The League Leaders

We don’t know how well the team will use Mills, Johnson and Cooks, but we know how well the fans use Jackson, Grant and Franklin.

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If you have followed the Texans at any point since the turn of the calendar to 2021, you will notice a trend. That trend being that the Texans tend to dominate the lower ranges of the NFL ranking projections. In fact, they are probably the one team that is first in being dead last in most, if not all, of the predictions, from skill positions to win projections. It makes news when the Texans are not rated dead last in upcoming 2021 season projections.

Yet not all is lost for the Texans. In some areas, the Texans are truly among the league leaders. We are not talking in gloom and doom projections or in loathing for the actions of the dynamic duo of Jack Easterby and Cal McNair, or in discussions about legal ramifications for an individual with double-digit numbers of serious assault allegations. No, in some other categories, the team is a legit top 5, or even a #1, team.

According to an article recently published in the Houston Chronicle; the Houston Texans are among the league leaders in fans spending money on the team, be it in the stadium or in the merchandising realm. Using data derived from, the Texans take the following rankings in these categories:

Concessions purchased at home games:

#1 ($169.95/game) [#2: Dallas Cowboys ($147.68/game)]

Team Merchandise purchased:

#1 ($380/yr) [#2 LA Rams [$332/yr]

And last, but definitely not least: Amount spent on alcoholic beverages at said home games:

#4 ($59/game) [#1 New Orleans ($65/game); #2 (Tie): New England Patriots/Buffalo Bills ($61/game)]

New England Patriots v Houston Texans
Merchandising...where the real money is made.
Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Key Points to Consider:

  • The information was gleamed from surveying 20 fans across all 32 teams, offering up over 1,500 total results. Thus, it does suffer from a small sample size and a high degree of variance (perhaps only big spending Texans fans answered the survey, whereas the more budget-conscious fans of other fanbases spoke up.)
  • The surveys were administered between May and July 2021, theoretically taking into account the oddity that was the 2020 season as far as attendance goes. However, no clarifying information exists to account for whether the fans surveyed based their estimates on past attendance or any projections for returning to those same numbers in the 2021 season.
Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

What to make of the results:

  • For all of their inconsistent performances on the field, numbers like these indicate the Texans remain a relatively consistent financial performer off the field. Prior to 2021, the season ticket waiting lists were in the five figures, and people, once they get to the games, were more than willing to shell out money. Thus, if some are wondering why the team didn’t make more of an effort to court public sentiment after the 2020 season, these type of financial numbers seem to indicate that the Front Office is confident that the team will continue to rake in the money, happy fanbase or not. It is also significant that this survey happened this summer, after a whole offseason of less-than-stellar news.
  • Will the merchandising numbers still be that high as the season progresses? The apathy for the franchise by many sources may make a dent by season’s end. With the two most marketable stars from 2020 no longer a consideration (J.J. Watt in Arizona and Deshaun Watson in legal and organizational limbo), any merchandising success will ride on the on-field performance of the squad. If they perform even a little above expectations, the team could still be leading the charge.
  • Will the team continue its concession success? Possible. However, it is likely that the difference may be made up from visiting fans, especially given the likelihood that the Texans will not be a winning team and the lack of visible stars present to bring Houston fans out to watch.
  • For the Texans home fans, will the booze numbers go up? That New Orleans leads the way is not that big a shock. A city with a “Bourbon Street” would probably expect to lead that list. The next two contenders, also not a shock. You think Bills Mafia is diving through all those flaming tables a la an ECW Pay-Per-View stone-cold sober? Admittedly, the New England fans don’t really need the boozy reinforcement, but it can explain a great many things. I can almost sense the #4 place in the booze purchasing rankings is a “Challenge accepted!” moment for the fan base. The Texans may not win much on the field, but the fans now have a championship opportunity. [NOTE: I would also like to point out that we should see an uptick in designated driver programs, cab fares and generally good, smart decision-making. Might be fun to overtake New Orleans in that stat, but don’t want to see a subsequent uptick in drunk driving related incidents in the Houston area as a result].

There you have it. You might be heartened to see that the Texans are actually really good at something coming into 2021. Or you might be thinking of the adage “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Whatever side of the spectrum you lie, let your thoughts be heard below (if you can take a break from ordering the latest Texans beer stein for the 2021 Oktoberfest celebrations).