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Rumor: Dolphins Emerge As Front Runner In Deshaun Watson Trade

Trade speculation for the now infamous quarterback has flared up, again.

NFL: Player Headshots 2021 Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As we draw closer to the beginning of the 2021 regular season, pressure is mounting in front offices across the country as the Texans prepare to finalize their 53-man roster. What will Nick Caserio and Co. do with Deshaun Watson? Will he play, move to injured reserve, or be traded?

The Texans have continued to engage in discussions with teams regarding a Deshaun Watson trade, with rumors surfacing today referencing a handful of teams very interested in the quarterback.

The clear front runner of the group is rumored to be the Miami Dolphins, who have been repeatedly linked to the Texans during this offseason. The Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, and Philadelphia Eagles have also been linked to a Watson trade, but Miami is believed to be the most interested. The Texans are supposedly demanding at three first round picks and two second round picks for Watson, but teams are reportedly seeking pick protection of some sort in the event Watson is suspended this season.

The Dolphins, Panthers, and Broncos are in dire need of a franchise quarterback, all of which basically a competent passer away from a Super Bowl run. The Eagles, while not as talented as the other teams, have still maintained interest in a quarterback that would end their rebuild sooner rather than later. If these rumors are to be believed, it would be clear that none of these teams are particularly excited about any of the young quarterbacks that are currently on their roster (Tua Tagovailoa, Sam Darnold, Drew Lock, Jalen Hurts). If the Texans could manufacture a trade where they could get any of these prospects, I would personally be excited to see Tagovailoa or Hurts come to Houston. Both former teammates at Alabama and both looking to build upon their mediocre rookie efforts, Tagovailoa and Hurts have franchise quarterback ability that is worth analyzing during a transition year for the Texans.

Of course, these are all just rumors. It is still yet to be seen whether or not any NFL team is interested in having someone repeatedly accused of sexual misconduct and currently being investigated by the FBI calling plays under center. Deshaun Watson is still embroiled in multiple sexual assault lawsuits, with 22 women alleging some sort of sexual misconduct, 10 women filing criminal complaints. These cases currently have no end in sight, and it is very likely they will lead to some sort of significant suspension for Watson. Regardless, an apparently active market for such an individual tells us plenty about where these team’s morals lie.

This is a very serious matter, and the possibility that the Texans will hold onto Watson until March is still in the cards. Trade speculation always rises in the final week before the regular season, but if these rumors are to be believed, Miami is making a genuine effort to make Deshaun Watson a Miami Dolphin.

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