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Houston Texans Training Camp: Nico Collins Rising High

Rookie wideout might be best Texans draft pick in years

NCAA Football: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

When your Houston Texans traded up to grab Michigan wide receiver Nico Collins in this years draft, some wondered why Nick Caserio was so high on the player that he would give up so many draft assets to get him.

This, of course, brought extra scrutiny to the pick. The main question: was Collins any good or not? His collegiate game film was hit & miss, with some great plays, some flaws and some pretty sizable question marks.

With everyone from fellow wide out Brandin Cooks to wide receivers coach Robert Prince, passing game coordinator Pep Hamilton and others praising Collins, it’s starting to really look like Caserio hit this one out of the park.

And, what has Collins done too live up to these accolades? Worked harder than most rookies and stayed late after practice to perfect his craft.

Oh yeah, and burn a few Texans defensive backs along the way.

To the beat of Metallica no less.

Just imagine if they were listening to the new Napalm Death.

While Collins may not have the opportunity to learn from former Houston Texans pass catching greats Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins, he does have some experienced vets pouring into him.

Brandin Cooks

How I feel about Nico, I mean this guy doesn’t look like no rookie to me. You talk about a guy who’s out there that’s coachable and able to pick up things pretty fast. You love to see that from a young guy. The guy’s explosive, natural hands. I look forward to continuing to work with him and seeing him grow. I love it just because I had a guy — guys, I should say — that looked after me coming up and so all I’m trying to do is repay that and pay it forward in guys like Nico.

However, head coach David Culley is making sure Collins’ feet don’t get too far off the ground.

In a season where Houston Texans fans desperately need something to get excited about, Nico Collins might just be that guy.

Hopefully he’s not the only one.