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Gus Johnson Returning To The NFL This Season

The GOAT is back.

Seton Hall v Maryland Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It was announced recently Thursday that Aqib Talib and Gus Johnson are teaming up to call select NFL games this season.

Johnson is personally one of my favorite commentators. He’s like the anti-Joe Buck, he actually brings energy to calling games! He’s even directly tied to the awakening of my football fandom! Admittedly, many folks have complained in the past about Johnson’s over-the-top style of calling. I’m not one of those critics.

Notably, Aqib Talib was a fan favorite last season as he received glowing reviews from those who caught his games. This could be the start of a beautiful partnership. Greg Olsen is also going to be calling games with Kevin Burkhardt, so we could possibly see them in action as well.

It hasn’t been announced what games announcing teams will be calling yet, but ideally we’ll get to see the dream team of Johnson and Talib call a Texans game this season!

How do you feel about the possibility of Gus Johnson gracing your Sundays this season? Let us know down below!