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NFL News: Notable Roster Cuts From Around The League

What do you call another man’s trash?

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Ah, roster cut week. So much fun, they used to have it for two weeks. Then one week. Now it’s kind-of-sort-of-back-to-two-weeks-but-teams-cut-players-at-any-time-because-the-more-the-sadder kind of schedule.

Thus far, we’ve been tracking the Texans roster predictions through Rosterology. Now, we get to see the real thing unfold and it’s a lot less predictable than expected. There will surely be more notable players cut in the coming hours, but here’s a list of players who the Texans could eye to add onto their own 53 man roster, as the following players have been released by other NFL teams.

Partially because this list is so dauntingly long, here is a list of former Texans who have been cut. This list itself may be the topic of its own post in a week or so.


The excitement, anticipation, and tragedy of cuts is the turning point where the offseason ends and the regular season begins. If you aren’t already strapped in for a long ride, you should probably find your buckle, put up that tray table, and while we’re at it, grab that oxygen mask. The NFL season is here. Let’s find out who will be on the Texans for it.