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Rumor: Deshaun Watson Trade Talks Halted By Texans

The rumor mill giveth and the rumor mill taketh away.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday’s rumor cycle churned with news that your Houston Texans were on the verge of closing a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for embattled quarterback Deshaun Watson. For as many articles saying it was going to happen, there seemed there were an equal number stating the contrary.

Now, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer is saying Houston has walked away from the trade table entirely, as the organization hopes to keeps the phenom field general in battle red.

Jay Glazer:

The Texans still think that Deshaun Watson is going to end up wanting to play for them this year expanded on Glazer’s report ever so slightly late last night.

The Texans are reportedly at a “standstill” in Deshaun Watson trade talks as the team is allegedly not returning phone calls from other franchises, according to FOX NFL’s Jay Glazer.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk weighed in as well.

Watson’s camp believes that the evidence against him inevitably will be presented to a grand jury. If he’s indicted on felony charges, the NFL undoubtedly will place him on paid leave until the case is resolved. Until then, it’s possible he’ll be convicted and then incarcerated.

With so many different opinions, different ‘hot takes,’ and rumors flying around, it’s really anyone’s guess as to what will come of all this. If Watson is guilty of the charges leveled against him, his professional sports career should be forfeited and he should not only cough up major financial reparations to the women involved, but see the inside of jail cell. If not, the allegations are a major speed bump in the career of a generational talent.

If nothing else, hopefully this shines a light on the sort of behavior Watson is accused of and prevents other men from engaging in these sorts of despicable activities. Either way, the only certainty is this mess won’t get cleaned up anytime soon. The real crime of it all? Immoral men will continue to pray on women they perceive as vulnerable.