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Saturday Night Tunes: 9/11/2021 Edition

Another pants free edition and powered by sour beer and HOOK ‘EM HORNS WHOOOO!!!!

Linda Perry’s Rock ‘N’ Relief 2-Day Drive-Thru Concert Event and Live Stream Benefiting Core Response
Troy NoKA performs at Linda Perry’s Rock ‘N’ Relief 2-Day Drive-Thru concert event and live stream benefiting Core Response on March 6, 2021.
Photo by Chris Jaymes/CORE Community Organized Relief Efforts via Getty Images

I feel like we’re completely awash in great, new music these days, and that’s just in Austin (though Australia has been hot lately, as well). We’re not even leaving Austin tonight! Let’s hit it.

Troy Noka

Born Antwoine Collins here in the ATX, Noka is not only making a name for himself with his music, but he also teamed up with Frank Ocean to produce four tracks on the latter’s “Endless.”

Here is Troy Noka and “Naughty”:


True story: I cannot get enough Nané. Though I am still awaiting to take advantage of my cousin’s friendship with Daniel Sahad, he’s one of the best entertainers on Austin’s music scene.

Here’s “Seventeen,” that’s been released for just a week, and it’s absolutely fabulous.

Go Fever

Though no one in the band is from Austin (singer-songwriter Acey Monaro was born in Australia), the band was born here, so I’m going to claim them. K? K.

Another hot of the stove video, here’s NYE15 from their Velvet Fist album, which will be released on October 8. With this sound, I’ll be all over that one.

That’s it for me tonight. What you been listening to?