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Achieving Mediocrity: A Terrible Outcome For The 2021 Texans

Going 9-8 would be a terrible, though unlikely, outcome.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
Urban Meyer misses Kent State.
Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

My, oh my, how things seemingly change after a single game against a terrible team.

The discourse has gone from how the Texans are a three (3) win team to a playoff contender, and that the Texans beating down on the Glitter Kitties on Sunday shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Heck, even I thought it was possible (but I went with the Mark Sanchez comparison, so that’s on me).

What if the Texans beat their number one pick in the 2022 NFL Draft preseason projections and somehow go like 9-8 and make the playoffs? Instead of getting top of the round picks, we find ourselves in the very familiar territory of picking mid-round. What if?

First off, what is the positive outcome of having yet another .500-ish team? As far as I can tell, the primary goal would be to stick it to the haters and make you feel better about your favorite football team. Neither of these are long-term positive outcomes.

Then, we’d probably remain mired in quarterback hell. After the run with stalwarts like #HoboQB Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, and Brock Osweiler, is this something you actually want to go through again? After all, Tyrod Taylor is 32, and Davis Mills sure seems like a complete waste of a draft pick.

Next, what if the Texans become the football version of “Major League,” and a bunch of cast-offs, replacements, and dead guys come together and stick it to the league?

To start, please allow me to remind you that “Major League” is a fictional movie. Talent rules in the NFL, and the Texans have none. Competition doesn’t matter! Competition means that the players vying for the position most likely suck. The Texans’ current roster is devoid of talent, especially young talent.

Most of all, how many of these guys are signed to multi-year contracts? Very few, and for a good reason! There’s a negligible difference between the 70th best LB in the NFL and the 100th. Plus, if these guys excel? They go sign bigger contracts for more money and years. That’s how it works.

Does winning or losing impact the Deshaun Watson situation? No, not at all. Watson’s story is 100% about the legal process. Nothing that happens on the field means jack.

Is Jameis Winston going to throw 85 TDs with no picks in 2021? Did Tuffy Rhodes hit 486 home runs in 1994? Will the Houston Texans have 51 interceptions in 2021?

No. The answer is no. A sample size of one is as meaningless as Cal McNair’s football career at UT.

A good culture in the business world is a good thing. It can improve overall performance. Sports are different. Culture doesn’t make somebody faster or improve their downfield accuracy. In sports, winning is chemistry, not the other way around. Talent differentiates.

Simply put, if the Texans win four (4) or seven (7) games, what good comes from it? If the Texans make the playoffs, are you excited about being motorboated by the Ravens or Chiefs or Browns?

This is my question for y’all, my dear readers. Tell me, in the long term, how being kinda successful in 2021 is a good thing, because I don’t see it. Have at it. Give it to me.