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Saturday Night Tunes: 9/18/2021 Edition

More tunes, less Sark.

2017 Forecastle Music Festival
Adia Victoria
Photo by Timothy Hiatt/WireImage

I wish I could remember who said it, but being the Offensive Coordinator for Alabama is the easiest job in all of football. So, basically, I’m done with the Horns until Steve Sarkisian proves he isn’t just a coattail rider. I have feeling another certain Alabama OC is going to use the same little trickery. But, for now, it’s time for some tunes!

Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol

I mean, honestly, how could I NOT highlight a band with the name “Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol.” I’d have to fire myself. Honestly, the only thing surprising about this band is that my good friend Ben T. isn’t a member.

With a hat tip to KUTX’s Rick Daddy for sharing this, here is “Death Wagon.”

Adia Victoria

I think I mentioned Victoria in my first post once I restarted Saturday/Sunday Night Tunes. Why? Oh my goodness, that voice.

“A Southern Gothic,” her latest album, was released yesterday, and I’ll be snagging it right after I get done with this post. From that album, here is “Magnolia Blues.”

The Mavericks

Long one of my all-time favorite bands, The Mavericks released a new album dubbed “En Espanol EDICION DELUXE!” earlier this year. Get ready to shake your booty to this video, “Por Ti (Yo Quiero Ser).”

What have y’all been listening to lately?