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Saturday Night Tunes: 9/25/2021 Edition

More tunes, less pants.

The National Museum Of African American Music Celebration of Legends Benefit Concert
Cory Henry
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for NMAAM

Let’s hop straight to it, shall we?

Cory Henry

Sometimes I feel like I’m pretty early to the game when it comes to new music. Not gonna lie and say it’s me: I rely heavily on the talented staff at KUTX and friends. But, sometimes, it feels like I’m the last person to hear of a good artist. In this case, it’s Cory Henry.

Those of you who have followed SNT in all its forms over the years know I’m a kid of the 70s, and I love anything Stevie Wonder. Listen to this one, “Dreaming Of,” off his new release Best of Me, and I date you to tell me that Stevie doesn’t come to mind. I’ve listened to this album five times over the past couple of days, and the entire thing is wonderful from top to bottom.

Tkay Maidza

A returning artist to SNT, I think Tkay Maidza is a fabulous artist and songwriter. From the playfulness of “You Sad” to the taunting “Shook” to this one, “Syrup,” I love her ability to transform herself from song to song. From her latest, “Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 3,” here is “Syrup.”

Sturgill Simpson

Another returnee to SNT, I love me some Sturgill Simpson. He went from country to pure rock a couple years ago, which sadly upset a lot of his fans. He went back to country, just for the lulz, I think

For this one, Sturgill teams up with Willie Nelson. From his latest, “The Ballad of Dood & Juanita,” it’s “Juanita.”

What have y’all been listening to lately?