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The Most Embarrassing Teams to Start the 2021 NFL Season

You blew it!

Minnesota Vikings v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

We are only three weeks into the NFL season, and already there’s teams whose fans have already given up on them. I’m just going to go over those few teams and beat a dead horse for the purpose of self entertainment. We’ll be looking at teams who have made fools of themselves with their pitiful performances and horrible showings.

New York Giants

Where do I even start with this one? That so called “top 10 defense” was burned by both Teddy Bridgewater and Taylor Heinicke. Daniel Jones has looked more and more like a waste of the sixth overall pick, and what about Saquon Barkley, the man you drafted second overall over the likes of Quenton Nelson, Josh Allen, and Bradley Chubb? If you wanted a running back that badly, Nick Chubb and Ronald Jones were available in the second round, or Nyheim Hines in the fourth. Could you imagine this team with Quinton Nelson and Nick Chubb? I wouldn’t be here right now talking about this.

Dave Gettleman should be fired. End of story. Don’t tell me, “Oh, but Daniel Jones played well against Washington and is still 4-1 against them”. That’s cool! Does that make up for him being 4-18 against everybody else? He’s a turnover machine. Even though Jones can run the ball, he can’t hold onto it. He’s had 30 fumbles since entering the league.

Oh, and your offensive line is terrible, Nick Gates, the center, is done for the year, Andrew Thomas, the guy you drafted fourth overall, over Jedrick Wills, Mekhi Becton and Tristen Wirffs, looks like the worst out of the four. Nate Solder has looked like the biggest waste of $62 million dollars I have ever seen. You look like the worst team in the worst division.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville, what are you doing there? You sucked last season and were awarded Trevor Lawrence. Why do you still suck?

Urban Meyer, we need to talk. I know you were great in college, and I know you have a rookie quarterback. I am fully aware that there are growing pains with rookie quarterbacks, so why are you making him throw the ball 51 times...against the Texans? Another question: Do you know you who James Robinson is? He’s a 1,000 yard rusher who you gave 5 carries to in Week One and 11 carries to in Week Two.

The key to developing a young quarterback is not making him do everything, but you’re giving Lawrence the ball and saying, “Do something with it”. That’s not how coaching in the NFL works. You need to support your young guys and develop them properly.

Since we’re talking about the negatives, if Cam Robinson doesn’t stop getting beat off the edge, Trevor Lawrence is going to die. He’s just one of the problems on that offensive line. I've seen better protection from shoddy birth control than Trevor Lawrence has seen from his offensive line.

Now let’s talk about your’s not looking to good. Pass defense is non-existent and the run defense isn’t much better. Urban, look, Jaguars fans and myself aren’t asking you to be playoff contenders, but please just don’t ruin Lawrence.

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta, the rebuild is calling. It’s time to blow it up. I’m not saying this because Tom Brady slapped you as per usual, or because you only put up six points against the Eagles, I’m saying this because you’re genuinely not a good football team.

Let’s talk about your defense. It’s terrible in all aspects. You can’t stop the run or pass, can’t get any pressure on the quarterback—even though you’re paying Dante Fowler $10 million plus—you can’t stop the run at all, and at this point. it’s like you’re fielding a practice squad defense trying to stop actual NFL offenses. It’s getting embarrassing.

Arthur Smith was brought in from Tennessee after getting carried by Derrick Henry. When Smith got to Atlanta with no Derrick Henry, surprise, surprise. his offense sucks. You brought in Mike Davis from Carolina after a good season, but now he’s getting outplayed by a 30 year old Cordarrelle Patterson. You have Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts but somehow only managed to put up six points and 260 totals yards against the Eagles.

Atlanta, it’s time to blow it up. Trade Matt Ryan and draft your next quarterback. This team is terrible and nowhere near good enough to compete in the NFC South.

New York Jets

My favorite pasttime is making fun of the Jets. It’s just so easy and always a grand ol’ time. The Jets have issues. Some of those issues aren’t inherently their fault, like Mekhi Becton and Carl Lawson going down with injuries, but one of, if not the, main problem so far has been Zach Wilson.

He hasn’t played well, and frankly, he hasn’t looked great. Certainly not worth the second overall pick so far, but that’s okay. Rookie quarterbacks rarely come out of the gate firing on all cylinders, and so far Carolina’s defense has been amazing, and New England always gives young quarterbacks trouble. Even with that, we can’t give Wilson too many excuses. He leads the league in interceptions (tied with Trevor Lawrence) and if you actually watch his film against the Patriots (which I must say wasn’t an easy watch), he made numerous bad reads. I don’t want to turn this into a bash Zach Wilson article, so I'll leave it at that.

The Jets need to help Wilson out, create easy throws, and let him do what he’s good at. Dumb down the offense and lean more on the run game if you have to.

Minnesota Vikings

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I have to keep this PG, there are words I can’t say to make you fully grasp just how disappointed and ticked off I am with the Vikings. I picked the Vikings to win the NFC North. I know I’m a fool. You can laugh at me all you want, but in my mind I thought the Packers would implode with the Aaron Rodgers drama, and the Vikings would take advantage of that. The only thing I didn’t take into account is Minnesota just sucks at everything that has to do with football.

Team defense? We don’t need it. Let’s get destroyed by Kyler Murray and Joe Burrow. Kirk Cousins? Now that’s an elite quarterback! Let’s give him $90 million plus an extension after he hasn’t done anything good. This team has so much talent, yet they stink. You have all the pieces of a good team and it gets undone by a missed field goal. I don’t even know what to say about this team. They’re just a massive disappointment no matter how you look at.

Mike Zimmer has to go; this team isn’t playing up to it’s potential and someone has to be the scape goat. It has to be him. I’m not even a Vikings fan and I feel personally hurt by how bad this team has played. Oh, but both games we lost were only by one score. ONE OF THOSE GAMES WAS AGAINST THE BENGALS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHY ARE THE BENGALS TAKING YOU TO OVERTIME?

Let’s talk about the Cardinals then.


Kirk Cousins and the offense marched into field goal range and they completed a pass for a first down at the Cardinals’ 20 yard line with 41 seconds left, and what do they decide to do? Let time run down to four seconds and then take the timeout. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Your running back is Dalvin Cook. Hand the ball off one or two times and then call the timeout. I know the field goal was a chip shot anyway, but make it as easy as possible.

I know we’re only three weeks into the NFL season, and it’s too early to completely write these teams off (except the Vikings because I hate the Vikings now). For these teams, changes need to be made in order to save this season and save jobs come the offseason.