Getting to know and following our next franchise QB

It appears the consensus among fans, writers, and pundits is that our Texans will be shopping for the next great savior in the 2022 draft. Most also believe they are likely to be picking very high in the draft.

Being the college football and draft nerd that I am, I will be watching and tracking how the weeks and seasons are going for the suspected high pick candidates and thought I would throw something together in case anyone else wanted to keep tabs on them.

I am starting with six in no particular order. Some I personally like, some I personally do not like but to remain neutral I am going with the six that based on the info I can gather this early seem to be the top possibilities. So please dont crucify me for the selections, lets give them a couple of weeks before we start throwing them to the wolves.

Its likely that a dark horse, fast riser will emerge from somewhere and at some point and get added. It is also likely that some of these original six may need to drop off due to performance, injury, etc.

I am going to attempt to post their weekly lines as the season progresses in the comments.

Please don't hesitate to jump in with your comments, or favorites that you would like to see followed and if they are legit, we can certainly add. Or even help me out with the weekly lines if I fall behind.

The brief overview of the players is taken from Sporting News.

Spencer Rattler Oklahoma rSo 6-1 200

Rattler is in a great offensive system with Lincoln Riley to emerge as an elite prospect this season. He has natural athleticism and accuracy. He just needs to get better with the mental aspects of the game and get a little stronger overall.

Carson Strong Nevada rJr 6-4 215

Strong has some Josh Allen qualities to him with ideal size and a massive arm, only with more underrated athleticism.

Sam Howell North Carolina Jr 6-1 220

Howell is a smart, seasoned and accurate pocket passer. He doesn't have the dynamic athleticism of Rattler and Willis but it wouldn't be surprising if he became a mashup of Trevor Lawrence and Mac Jones.

Kedon Slovis USC Jr 6-3 205

Slovis can pick up any offense and read any defense with his natural high level of football intelligence. He also delivers accurate balls with good decision-making. He's got to get a little better with his physical skill set in terms of arm and athleticism, but he will help himself by continuing to develop his mechanics and footwork.

Malik Willis Liberty rJr 6-1 215

Willis is a new mashup of Zach Wilson and Trey Lance, a fast riser who's gotten more attention for an amazing skill set. He has top-flight athleticism and the strong arm to make every throw. He's also physically and mentally tough.

Desmond Ritter Cincinnati Sr 6-4 215

Ridder is an aspiring dynamic NFL dual threat with his combination of strong arm and natural running ability. He also has the welcome intangibles, including leadership skills and toughness.