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Houston Texans Ranked Last in Various Power Rankings

The national media’s opinion of this team has been well known for a while.

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New England v Houston Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

At this point, can anyone say that they’re surprised? USA Today released their week one power rankings, and your Houston Texans are living under the cellar.

32. Texans (32): If newly announced starting QB Tyrod Taylor’s recent luck is any indication, then rookie Davis Mills will be playing by Week 3, when Houston is scheduled to make its only prime-time appearance of the season on a Thursday. had something similar to say:

32. Texans (32): The Deshaun Watson situation will continue to hang over the Texans, perhaps for the entirety of the season. It will be David Culley’s job to shut out this booming outside noise and try to field a competitive team in 2021. Most peg the Texans as the heavy favorite to land the No. 1 overall pick in next year’s draft, but let me leave you with a dollop of optimism via an anonymous quote from one NFL coach (per The Athletic): “I think people are going to play (the Texans) and think they are sh****, and they’ll surprise some people.” Slap that on a billboard!

Same with CBS Sports:

32. Texans (32): They might not be as bad as some think because of all the veterans on the roster. They will be a feisty team, even if they don’t win a lot of games. The problem is they just don’t have a ton of top-level talent. The Deshaun Watson situation also hangs over this team.

And Yahoo Sports was no different:

32. Texans (32): Tyrod Taylor will be the starting quarterback. It’s not like that can be a surprise after Deshaun Watson hasn’t fully practiced with the team. It will be weird for one of the game’s best young quarterbacks to basically be redshirting all season. Though we all know why.

It seems that the litany of offseason transactions wasn’t enough to move the needle for this list. Although, I do agree that we’ll probably see Davis Mills sooner rather than later. As more and more of these rankings come out, this should be the expected norm.

Much has been made about how the major media outlets are down on the team, but the only way to really change their minds is to win. It remains to be seen if this team will surpass expectations or be exactly the team that most think that they are.