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2022 Houston Texans Regular Season

Former Oilers Standout Robert Lyles Needs Help

Robert Lyles had a heart transplant in October, and he could still use some help.

Texans Continue to Embarrass Houston; Drop 23-10 to Washington Commanders

In a battle of two of the worst owners in all of sports, the Dan Snyders easily beat the Cal McNairs.

Houston Texans Hit All-New Rock Bottom, Lose 24-16 to Giants

The Houston Texans continue to play embarrassing football while getting closer to the #1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Houston Texans Start Strong, But Lose To Undefeated Eagles 29-17

It was fun while it lasted...

Texans Fail To Deal WR Brandin Cooks At The Trade Deadline

The Texans can’t dump their most talented player to stock up on the draft

Houston Texans Hit All-New Rock Bottom, Lose 17-10 vs. Titans

In a game that sent football back a full century, your Houston Texans show a pathetic effort against the BE-SFs, losing 17-10.

BRB Groupthink: Most Impressive Texans Through Week Four

The writers gather to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Quick Hits: Houston Texans vs. Chicago Bears Preview

Football stats make the world go ‘round

Quick Hits: Houston Texans vs. Denver Broncos Preview

Football stats make the world go round

Totally Not Fake News: The Texans And The Fallout From History

How is the Team Moving Forward After Making History?

Far-from-homegating: Battle Red Blog’s guide for long-distance Texans Fan

Watching Texans football can be difficult especially if you live far from Houston, here’s some pointers to make it a little bit more fun at home.

Welcome to the NFL Derek Stingley Jr.

Houston Texans 1st round draft pick is here to make plays

Reacting To Lovie Smith’s Week One Post Game Press Conference

A tough round of questions for the new Texans head coach

Davis Mills is King of the 2021 Rookie Quarterback Hill

Now to turn stats into dubs...

BRB Groupthink: Houston Texans 2022 Season 'Would You Rather’ Questions

The BRB hive got buzzing on their priorities heading into the season