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Houston Texans Coaching News: Brian Flores Interviewed, More Rumors

The search is on.

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Houston Texans fired David Culley this week after a 4-13 season. The charisma and love of the game weren’t enough to make up for the insane in-game coaching decisions, terrible offensive game-plans, and several players playing out of position for most of the season.

Houston spent four days evaluating Culley after the final game. Reading the tea leaves and grasping at my crystal ball, it seemed like Nick Caserio and company wanted to double-check the head coaching landscape before making a decision. They had a name, or a few, in mind before making the decision to part ways with Culley after just one season.

The Texans have already gotten started when it comes to finding Culley’s successor. They already have had a virtual interview with Brian Flores, the former coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Flores was allegedly fired because of a dispute with the organization over Tu’a Tagovailoa’s future and Flores’ unsatisfied desire regarding Miami trading for Deshaun Watson. During his time in Miami, Flores crafted a high blitz defense that forced numerous turnovers but failed to make the NFL Playoffs once during his three year tenure despite this season’s expectations and their draft capital coming home to roost.

The Texans are also rumored to be linked to other Patriots coaches and staff, including Josh McDaniels and Jerod Mayo. If you forgot, Aaron Wilson wrote an out-of-the-blue article about Mayo as a candidate for the Texans’ head coaching vacancy last year, labeling him a rising star after no one had thought of him as one. Mayo should interview once the New England Patriots are knocked out of the postseason.

Houston is getting out ahead of the coaching search after being the last team to make a decision last year (despite being the first team to have a head coaching vacancy after they fired Bill O’Brien four games into the season) when they named David Culley as their head coach.

My guess is that the Texans’ next head coach will be Jerod Mayo. Everything points to it. Flores should be able to land in a better situation than Houston unless Deshaun Watson agrees to actually play football for him here.