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Giants Owner John Mara: “We’re Not Trading For Deshaun Watson”

New York Giants ownership is out on the Texans’ signal-caller.

Washington Football Team v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Before the 2021 season, I wrote that the New York Giants were the perfect trade partners for the Texans in a Deshaun Watson trade. They had their first round pick and the Chicago Bears’ first round pick; both teams were expected to miss the postseason in 2021. Daniel Jones was set to fail behind a run-heavy offense led by an injury-prone running back and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. For many, many years, Garrett consistently refused to incorporate a vertical passing game into his offense. The pieces were kind of there for a trade to benefit both organizations. The decision-makers couldn’t pull it off.

After another disastrous season, with more fired head coaches and general managers and two top ten picks, the Giants still need a franchise quarterback. They have flailed for the last six years. Deshaun Watson is a top five quarterback in the NFL. He could waive his no-trade clause, play in a big market, and pair himself with a head coach he wants.

The Houston Texans couldn’t find a better offer than what the Giants could provide. Picks #5 and #6 in the 2022 NFL Draft, another first rounder in 2022 or 2023, and Daniel Jones heads to Houston to compete with Davis Mills. That would be a fair and perfect offer for Watson. The Giants would finally get their quarterback, and the Texans could build anew.

All that went out the window today. Hopes and dreams are all a Giants-Texans trade for Deshaun Watson will ever be. At a press conference introducing the Giants’ new general manager, owner John Mara clearly stated, “We’re not trading for Deshaun Watson.”

Mara went on to say that his organization has failed Daniel Jones his entire career.

There goes that. The Texans should still call and see what they can do, but today makes Denver, Miami, Cleveland, Carolina, Washington, and New Orleans the only real options in a Watson trade. Or, worst of all, it could mean Watson doesn’t have a market until his allegations are settled, which would force Houston to wait to move him until later on in the offseason.

This sucks. Things are bleak. At least Josh McCown is on the way.