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Houston Texans Head Coaching Search: Josh McCown “Earns” Second Interview

When your BFF has the ear of the owner, of course you’re qualified for a position you have no experience doing!

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

I no longer have the words for this franchise:

As much fun as we had at David Culley’s expense, at least the man had experience coaching football. Sure, he was never a coordinator at the pro level, but at least he was a NFL position coach for many years.

Josh McCown has no coaching experience. The only thing he has going for him as far as being a head coach in the NFL is that one of his closest friends, Jack Easterby, has the ear #Failson Cal McNair, owner of YOUR* Houston Texans.

McCown never deserved a first interview. He’s now getting a second. It’s been rumored for a while now that he is first and foremost the favorite of the organization’s leadership. We do not know, of course, if Nick Caserio is considered to be part of the organization’s leadership.

If McCown gets this job—and he should be considered the odds-on favorite at this point—it should put to rest any doubt who runs the Houston Texans franchise.

Additionally, hiring McCown would be a massive slap in the face to the other head coaching candidates vying for a new position who have put in the work and effort to get where they are today. Eric Bieniemy? Brian Daboll? Those two guys have had a ton of success in their roles as coaches in the NFL.

Frankly, though, this move makes sense. The Texans are laser focused on culture and process. Football and performance on the field have been secondary since Rick Smith resigned to be with his wife. The day #Failson handed over the reins to Bill O’Brien, along with Jack Easterby, was the day it was clear #Failson was utterly and completely incompetent as an owner.

For months, we’ve been hearing from Easterby’s apologists that, no, he’s not in charge of the team in any way. I think most of us see through that ruse today. Even if McCown is not hired as the Texans’ next head coach, it was Easterby’s influence that got McCown two interviews (three, really, if we’re counting last year) for a job he is not remotely qualified to perform.

Have at it in the comments!

*I’m not honestly sure how much longer they will be MY Houston Texans.