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Houston Texans Podcast: I Guess it’s the New Year (Texans-49ers Review)

Jordan (Texans Thoughts) joins Battle Red Radio to review the Texans’ loss to the 49ers.

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Oh, look it’s another year. Remember that? Remember when? Back then when people said things like, “UGH. 2020, is it over yet?”, and “2021 needs to hurry up and get here” while failing to realize time is the only finite resource that we have. Some strange and stupid idea that a change in the calendar will make all the things you hate simply go away.

Yes. Those days are battered and frayed. It’s a new year and a new time. It’s just the way it’s designed. We are all merely rafts taken across the river of time, strewn through sweet, calm water that moves faster to our liking and violent upheavals that distort water and slows everything down to a crawl.

We forget. The things we were going to do, the ideas we didn’t act on became figments and fractures that never find life.

Let’s change that. I’ve been meaning to talk to our old friend Jordan (TexansThoughts) about our football team. Two years have gone by since we last spoke in this format. Turn ideas into reality. Do the things you think about doing. There. That’s better than wishing for the turning a clock that will only go one way no matter what you want.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Jordan joins Matt Weston to discuss the Texans’ loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Topics include watching Davis Mills in 2022, Pep Hamilton becoming the next offensive coordinator, the biggest need the Texans have to build around Mills, why they should and why they shouldn’t trade Laremy Tunsil, Trey Lance never breaking a tackle; Jordan’s thoughts on David Culley, our favorite Deshaun Watson trade scenario, draft crushes, and draft nightmare; and, of course, your beautiful and perfect listener questions.

Let’s start the show.

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