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Texans Expected To Bring David Culley Back In 2022

The ol’ ball coach should get a second year.

Houston Texans v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With his team sitting at 4-12, after numerous errors, turning down penalties to extend drives, attempting fake-fake punts, kicking insane field goals, punting on fourth downs when it was time to go for it, and being an offensive-minded head coach in charge of the worst offense in the NFL, there was a chance that David Culley would be one and done in Houston. Culley wasn’t expected to win games his first season here, considering the spot the franchise is in, but the mistakes have been so egregious that it opened the door for Houston to consider looking for someone new.

The reports and rumors this week, however, are that the Houston Texans are expected to keep David Culley for the 2022 season. Both The Athletic and Ian Rapoport with have reported something similar.

Ian Rapoport had the following to say:

With back-to-back wins providing some optimism late in the season, there are currently no signs that the Texans will move on from coach David Culley after just one year, sources say. Last week’s win over the playoff-hopeful Chargers with two dozen players on the COVID-19 list was impressive. There has been a learning curve for Culley, but finishing strong with a mostly depleted roster could show that the curve has been accelerated. The Texans are 3-3 over the last six weeks, though games against two challenging opponents at the end will be telling. The remainder of the season will offer a lot about Culley’s future leadership of an organization in transition, with matchups against two teams in the playoff chase: the 49ers and Titans. These games are part of the larger picture the organization is trying to paint.

Who knows if the loss to San Francisco and a loss to Tennessee will change things, but for now, it looks like Houston will keep their cultural architect around for another season as they try to improve and build upon the foundation the next good Texans team will spring from.

The Texans probably won’t be good in 2022 either, but at least Culley will be here to keep things merry and bright in the meantime.