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Houston Texans-Tennessee Titans Week 18 Inactives

Last game of the season and the Texans are looking to finish off strong

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

The Texans are the healthiest they’ve been all season... just in time for the end of the season. They’ll potentially not have starting safety Justin Reid, who ominously posted on twitter a thank you to Houston for his time here. The former third round pick has been at odds with the organization and suspended one game for his criticism of the staff. He’ll most likely miss this game even though he’s listed as active and get a head start on free agnecy this offseason. I We know Deshaun Watson will be out of this game, but more notably Chris Conley has not practiced this week with a knee injury.

The Titans will be without their star running back Derek Henry for the last game of the season. Backup lineman and former Texan Kendall Lamm will be inactive for today’s game along with defensive lineman Teair Tart and Naquan Jones who will leave the Titans thin up front. They will lock up a first round bye in the playoffs if they secure the win today, but also hope the win will have Henry back in time for their first playoff game in two weeks.

The Kansas City Chiefs are watching intently today after their win yesterday. If the Titans lose, KC jolts into the first seed in the AFC South. The Texans can maintain their third overall draft choice, or fall all the way to sixth in the draft. A lot on the line for today’s game and hope you’ll be watching at noon CT.