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Houston Texans’ Dameon Pierce Wins One for H-Town

Rookie running back IS the Texans’ offense at this stage...

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Rookie running back Dameon Pierce continues to carry the Houston Texans offense on his back. This week, quarterback Davis Mills did manage to find receiver Nico Collins for 65 yards, but Mills’ 140 total air yards was pretty sad - especially when facing the Jacksonville Jaguars. Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson caught more yards than Mills threw... #SadButTrue

Despite Mills’ continued degradation, Dameon Pierce is here to save the day!

And, channeling his inner Marshawn Lynch didn’t hurt:

In the pre-game hype surrounding the running game, if there really was any between these two forgotten NFL franchises, you would have heard all about Travis Etienne, the NCAA champion running back from the Clemson Tigers. Etienne is the one Jaguars’ quarterback Trevor Lawrence hands the ball to when a running play is called. Etienne is downright electric, and on the right team would consistently make the Pro Bowl.

Unfortunately for him, he’s a Glitter Kitty.

The Houston Texans defense allowed Etienne to gain 71 yards on ten carries. Yes, for those who don’t want to do the math, that’s a 7.1 yard per carry average.


Thankfully, Dameon Pierce was on the fan favorite sideline while that happened. And the best-running-back-Houston-has-had-in-a-long-time got out on the field and showed the fans who’s boss.

Houston Texans’ Dameon Pierce Wins One for H-Town!

While Pierce didn’t hit the 7.1 yards per carry mark, he did score the game’s only touchdown on one of his 26 carries. If the end zone was only a yard further away, he would have had his second consecutive 100-yard game, too.

Based on the national media coverage, commentary and in-game views on the Red Zone channel and all the talking head football TV out there, the NFL seems to have forgotten that the Houston Texans exist. And, honesty, can you blame them? If nothing else, there’s likely some sort of psychological defense mechanism at play, guarding the mind from memories of Bill O’Brien and Jack Easterby.

However, Dameon Pierce is putting them all on notice. And if people fail to pay attention, then they’re going to continue to miss out on one of the most dynamic running backs in the league. Not to mention this season’s potential offensive rookie of the year.