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Quick Hits: Houston Texans at the Bye Week

How is the 2022 season looking so far statistically?

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

How exactly are the Houston Texans doing so far in 2022? Currently the team sits at 1-3-1, which is good enough to be the fourth worst team (by record) in the NFL. Granted, that’s only due to their tie with the Indianapolis Colts.

The Las Vegas Raiders, Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers are all 1-4.

If you paid attention to the off- and pre-season chatter, this isn’t a surprise. Or, at least it shouldn’t be...

We all knew it was going to take time to dig out of the Jack Easterby and Bill O’Brien shaped sinkhole this team fell into over the last 5+ years.

Fortunately, it seems like the descent is over and the ascent has begun. Albeit, very slowly...

Houston Texans Offensive Stats

The Texans offense is currently 30th best in the NFL. They've gained a total of 1,456 yards, an average per game of 291.2. For reference, the Buffalo Bills lead the league with 2,202 total yards and 440.4 yards per game.

The Texans passing game, led by 2nd year passer Davis Mills, are one of seven teams to have less than 1,000 air yards so far. The Texans are the best of that group, with 960 passing yards. However, the Josh Allen led Bills have 1,620.

The Texans run game, led by the electric rookie Dameon Pierce, currently has 496 yards. 412 of those yards are from Pierce himself, despite a slow start to the season. The Chicago Bears currently lead the league with 1,025 yards on the ground.

Houston Texans Defensive Stats

The Texans defense hasn’t been much help either. The unit currently ranks 28th in yards given away with 2,071 and an average of 414.2 per game. That’s two yards more per game than Pierce has gained all season. The San Francisco 49ers currently hold the top spot with only 1,246 yards surrendered for an average of 249.2 per game. Thankfully, the Texans don't face the 49ers, Bills or Green Bay Packers this year - all teams with top five defenses. Unfortunately, they travel to Philadelphia for Thursday Night Football on November 3.

The passing defense has given away 1,247 air yards, despite having the third overall draft pick in cornerback Derek Stingley Jr and the 37th pick, safety Jalen Pitre. Pitre has certainly been a bright spot on the D, having contributed 38 combined tackles, 17 solo stops, a sack and two interceptions so far. Stingley got his first pick last weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The run defense is nothing short of abysmal. Coming in at 29th worst, the Texans defense has coughed up 824 ground yards, averaging 164.8 per game. The 49ers lead the league in this category, having surrendered only 357 rushing yards so far for an average of 71.4 per game.

However, where it counts most on defense - points given up - the Texans are actually 13th best in the NFL. That’s right, the Texans currently have a top 15 Defense in the most important category. So far, they’ve only let opposing teams pick up 99 points for an average of 19.8 per game. The Bills are the best in this space, with only 61 points against and a 12.2 per game average. The Detroit Lions are doing the worst, with 170 points handed out and a horrible 34.0 points per game. Too bad Aidan Hutchinson isn’t wearing Battle Red...

Houston Texans Season Outlook

Looking at the rest of the Texans schedule, it’s very conceivable that they end the 2022 campaign with 3 or less wins. In week 11 they travel to Maryland to face the only team that makes the Texans front office look amazing, the Washington Commanders. With Commanders owner Dan Snyder still embroiled in the scandal, with rumors swirling the other 31 NFL owners are preparing to force him out of the league, the team is in a tailspin.

Week 17 presents a New Year’s Day gift rematch with the Jacksonville Jaguars. As the old superstition goes “New Years Day Fortunes Forecast the Rest of the Year”. If the H-Town crew can cruise out of Jacksonville with a win, it should set a nice tone for the offseason, complete with more high draft picks for Nick Caserio to find other Pitres and Pierces.